CH25: Dan Barasch + James Ramsey

The brains behind NYC's subterranean park, Lowline, are working on their next project

Dan Barasch, co-founder of NYC’s

The Lowline movement for the construction of a subterranean park, is a third-generation New Yorker. It’s his love for the city, and desire to share the magic of its secret nooks and deep history that led him to partner with co-founder James Ramsey, a former NASA engineer and current founder of design firm Raad Studio. Ramsey’s initial vision was to use new solar technology to turn an underground trolly terminal into a park, but it has come to encompass much more. Soon, the Lowline Labs, a scientific laboratory, will test the solar technology they’ve been researching and developing on actual plant life.

The co-founders have collaborated to bring the project from the idea phase to a demo phase, and ultimately, they hope, to fruition. This collaboration has been a deeply personal one—as Barasch puts it, “We both share a passion for groundbreaking technology and a shared love of New York—and James and his team bring a truly inspiring design aesthetic to bring the vision to life.”

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Illustration by Jason Ratliff, images courtesy of Lowline