Cool Hunting Editions Starfleet Machine

A deep space inspired table clock unlike one you've ever seen before

For years now, we’ve followed the work of Max Büsser, the mastermind behind horological design house MB&F. His distinct timepieces represent mind-bending innovation and eccentric inspiration, all hand-crafted, in an industry that more often than not sticks to its roots. When Büsser announced a partnership with Switzerland’s oldest clockmaker, L’Epée 1839, the Starfleet Machine was conceived. Two years’ worth of work went into developing a painted vision into a working timepiece. Equal parts space station and stainless steel table clock, it was initially released in a run of 175 limited edition pieces. Now, with a signature Geneva Blue dome and indicators, we have released a Cool Hunting Editions Starfleet Machine.


First and foremost, this is a partnership built on passion. As longtime fans of the brand, this became the perfect collaboration. Only 10 pieces of our select coloration exist, while the technical specifications remain the same. Büsser once shared with us that he was drawn to L’Epée because, “these are some of the last clockmakers with this knowledge.” And that’s explicit in this production. Their in-house palladium-treated brass movement boasts a remarkable power reserve of 40 days. There are 48 jewels within. As for telling time, there’s an accuracy of -2 to +2 minutes over the 40-day life period.


At its core, this is a piece designed to test the boundaries of tabletop clock design. This is what makes the science fiction inspiration so appropriate. From the roving radar turret to the shifting lasers protecting the escapement, it’s a magical piece on the surface. And at its heart is something developed by hand from the last remaining historic high-end clockmaker in Switzerland.

You can purchase the Cool Hunting Editions Starfleet Machine in our webshop for $34,500.