Circle Hook Light

A beautifully basic reinvention of a fluorescent bulb

by Barnaby Slater


Striking the fine balance between sculpture and practical lighting, ITP alum and studio CW&T designer Taylor Levy continues to play with form and function with her new Circle Hook Light. Like her successful 8 Light ASCII Display Terminal, Circle Light Hook reinvents a simple concept through methodical construction.

circlehook2.jpg circlehook3.jpg

The fixture re-imagines the ubiquitous but often inconspicuous circular fluorescent bulb, primarily installed in ceiling fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms. Where they typically tend to be especially hard to reach and annoying to maintain, CW&T bring this frustrating bulb out into the open with their ingeniously elementary design.


Custom spring loaded electronic connections trigger the light, all that’s required is simply hooking the bulb onto the fixture to turn it on then unhooking and rotating it to turn it off. Milled out of solid brass with a polished finish, the Circle Hook Light has looks tantamount to its easy-to-use design.