Cork Wellness Products by 42 Birds

Sustainable and recyclable, this material is also kinder to your body

Crafted entirely from cork, 42 Birds‘ collection of health and wellness products—a roller, mat, massaging balls and block—are environmentally friendly, minimal and anti-microbial alternatives to garish, chemical-based options that saturate the market. The cork used (which is sustainably harvested from Spain and Portugal) doesn’t retain odors and requires little cleaning—thanks to the fact that it naturally kills bacteria and germs.

“We launched our new cork roller specifically because of our issues with traditional foam rollers that are both unattractive and chemical-based,” co-founder Robyn Shapiro says. The roller is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter now. Like other foam rollers, this one helps prevent injury and breaks up scar tissue, while increasing flexibility. Unlike others, it’s 100% recyclable and free of PVC, plasticizers and latex. (It even repels pet hair.)

As well as being kinder to bodies and the environment, the minimal and natural appearance is much more pleasing for design enthusiasts. “We designed a new and improved version that you are actually proud to display,” Shapiro says. “We also hope this inspires more people to get into rolling or to practice more regularly. Rolling is like getting a massage, but without the inconvenience or heavy price. It also comes along with a list of benefits from releasing muscle tension to increasing flexibility to preventing injuries.”

Each of the products is biodegradable and recyclable. “Cork is a 0% waste product and the most sustainable type of forestry as trees are never cut down, rather only the bark is peeled back and used. It is a unique natural resource in that the more you use, the more you help save vulnerable cork forests. With decreasing demand, cork forests aren’t being replanted and instead non-native and often times flammable trees are being planted instead,” Shapiro says. “The cork forests contain the third highest biodiversity in the world and thousands of plants and animal species call it home, including 42 different species of birds, which is how we got our name.”

The yoga mat, therapy balls and block are all online now, while the roller is available for pre-order where a $29 pledge will result in one roller.

Images courtesy of 42 Birds