David Adjaye’s First New York Skyscraper: 130 William

Every once in a while NYC gets a skyline addition that contributes to the city in almost untold ways. 130 William is just that. Architect David Adjaye’s in-development masterwork happens to be his first skyscraper ever, and it stretches up 800 feet, comprising 66 stories and 244 residences. Rather than use glass and steel, Adjaye employs custom, hand-cast stonework on the facade, both unexpected and extraordinary. Further, arches define the exterior, alluding to the residences (and upper-floor balconies) just beyond. It’s a nod to historic masonry architecture, but over 20,000 square feet of modern-day amenities exist within (including an IMAX theater, health club and private roof deck). The building is expected to reach completion in 2020, as will a public park at its base, also designed by Adjaye. Read more and see all the photos at Wallpaper*.