Design Code


Japanese-born and Barcelona-based, product designer Hiroshi Tsunoda recently launched a new brand called Design Code. We first mentioned Hiroshi's distinctive lighting designs in reviewing the design store L'appartement, where he exhibited last year. Design Code is a collection of Tsunoda's well-known designs such as Flamp and Table Emotions (below right), as well as new products such as the beautiful Folklore tea light holders. (Pictured below left.)

We particularly love Tsunoda's new Joyn design (above right). These small hexagonal modular pieces can be joined together to create a dividing screen of limitless dimensions. This seems very much influenced by the Bouroullec brothers' similar Algae and Twigs designs for Vitra but Tsunoda brings his own sense of simplicity and geometry to the concept. What's more, Design Code's products are ecologically made; they are all lightweight, made from recyclable materials, mostly paper and plastic, and manufactured in Barcelona. Design Code products can be bought online from Vinçon.