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Code Cards

Letterpress cards sure to steal the ♥ of any computer nerd

code-cards1.jpg code-cards2.jpg

While class=”none” might be the favorite snippet of HTML at the Cool Hunting office, user experience designer Matt Raw takes the humor behind web development languages to new heights with his cheeky set of letterpress Code Cards. Raw created three different cards—Egg Nog Arrays, CSS Happy New Year and ♥—that recall the beauty of Linotype matrices with today’s digital process.


Egg Nog Arrays—a recipe Raw says is necessary for any web developer—comes in Python, Ruby, PHP, and Javascript. For CSS Happy New Year, Raw aptly chose Futura as the typeface, which he humorously claims will “default to a basic sans-serif font if your recipient doesn’t have Futura installed.” Hearts keeps it simple, with the HTML code on the front and a blank space inside.

code-cards4.jpg code-cards5.jpg

Each set is printed in Brooklyn on acid-free cotton stock, and includes four cards and envelopes. Pick them up online for $14.


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