Stitching Postcards

Tailor your own location-based correspondence


Sending a card snail-mail to a special someone may seem like a charming enough move, but stitching a personal message or tying a bow on a significant city will undoubtedly seal the deal. The Stitching Postcards by designers Leihener, Seng, Valder for Köln-based distributor Details allow for creatively romantic gestures such as this and more with a collection of geography-inspired cards that come packed with a needle and thread.

stitch3.jpg stitch6.jpg

The cards cover six different countries, some cities and one world map, each a simple topographical silhouette and marked with an array of notable cities. By simply sticking the needle and thread through the card, you can easily relay where you’ve been or hope to go, as a souvenir to yourself or someone special.


Select cards sell from UncommonGoods for $10 for a set of two or from Details when their online shop returns at the end of January 2011.