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DT Saved My Soul 2005 Thesis Exhibition

This past Wednesday was the opening for the Design & Technology Thesis Exhibition at the Parsons School of Design in New York City. The exhibit featured amazing thesis projects from both the MFA and BFA students in the department. It provides a chance to check out work and artists that have been mentioned elsewhere, such as Lina Fenequito’s Swap-O-Matic and fi5e’s Graffiti Analysis.


However it also provides an opportunity to check out new brilliant projects of those less known to the blog sphere media circuit. Discreet Interfaces, by Kaho Abe, explores the idea of wearable technology. By imbedding switches in the sleeves and hiding them with simple buttons or tags, the user can navigate the controls of a portable electronic device discretely without drawing any attention to themselves (well… other than that of someone who fidgets incessantly).


Chris Sugrue’s re-Gaze is a new media art installation that focuses on visual perception and the human gaze. As the user looks through the view finder to the screen below, an eye tracking system monitors where the user looks and distorts the image. The eye tracking system allows for psychological studies on how images are viewed.


Although sight is one of the senses people heavily rely on, audio is another that is just as important but sometimes overlooked. Theodore Watson’s Audio Space, just as the title suggests, explores the relationship between sound and the creation of space. It’s an interactive space that allows users to leave messages in specific locations within the room. So if the user says something while standing in the center of the room that message will be strongest in that specific location of the room. By leaving messages, users create an audio structure to support the space, which also serves as a memory of the people who have interacted with it

Show information:
DT Saved My Soul
Design and Technology 2005 Thesis Exhibition
Arnold and Sheila Aronson Galleries
66 Fifth Ave. and 2 West 13th St.
May 26 – June 9*
Mon – Fri 9am to 9pm
Sat, Sun 9am to 6pm
*Galleries closed Memorial Day Weekend


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