Luxe Leather Goods from M&U Co.

American-made wallets, iPhone sleeves and wooden home accessories

M&U-Co-shade-case.jpg M&U-Co-dish.jpg

Taking a break from his day-to-day design and production work with General Manufacturing, Hunter Craighill recently signed on with Brooklyn’s Maxx & Unicorn to breathe new life into the brand best known for their folded leather wallets. The outcome is M&U Co., a fresh brand identity with improved materials, new designs and a more sophisticated aesthetic. Officially launched this week, M&U’s new line introduces a range of finely crafted wood accessory trays and leather goods, including hand-sewn glasses cases, phone and passport sleeves and single-piece folded wallets.


All products are hand-cut and assembled in NY with domestically sourced materials. Browse the selection of men’s accessories and home goods at M&U Co. online, and keep an eye out next fall for the line to expand and retailers to be announced. Prices range from $50 to $88 for almost every item in the line—save for passport wallets, which cost $125.

Images courtesy of M&U Co.