Element Carbon Fiber and Helium Skateboard


Element Skateboards furthers the evolution of the skateboard deck with their new Push Construction Positive Negative Series.

The Push Deck is a skateboarding paradox. Lighter than any other deck, it's also more durable.

This innovative structure is a result of the combination of the responsiveness and power of carbon fiber with the durability of Element's own featherlight helium construction (i.e. there's air inside). The upshot is a deck that sets a new standard for high-impact skateboarders. Bloggers have even gone as far as to call it "indestructible."

The designs, the "Darrell", the "Muska", and the "Tave," are the first three to be released in the Positive Negative series. We're fans for the way the brand is reinventing skateboard construction while staying true to eco-friendly values. The wood is a result of responsible foresting; only selectively harvested trees are used in these decks.

The premium deck runs $79 and there are still a few designs in stock on Element's site.