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Ross Lovegrove explores elegant furniture design through fluid sculptural form in a new show in Milan

CH-Endless1.jpg CH-Endless-2.jpg

A design novice might be quick to throw the work of Ross Lovegrove in with the grandiose designs so highly sought after a decade ago, but the legendary Welsh designer’s glossy aesthetic isn’t without purpose. His new solo show in Milan, called “Endless,” demonstrates Lovegrove’s continual exploration of new materials and his elegant approach to functional design.


Endless picks up where his 2007 show “Endurance” left off, with Lovegrove adding two new pieces of polished aluminum to his Liquid Collection. The Long Liquid Bench and Liquid Shelving seem to spontaneously adapt to invisible lines, defining a sinuous silhouette that Lovegrove derived from the natural world. The limited edition pieces are not only sculpturally beautiful, but they also speak to a strong interest in efficiency, consuming little energy while maximizing space.


Part of the installation includes a video piece, amplifying the essence of his robust but nimble designs through colorful projections that bounce off the forms. Endless will run from 8 September through 1 October 2011 at Cardi Black Box Gallery.


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