Eskayel Playland Capsule Collection

The bright, dreamy fabrics from the Rockaways motel are now available to have at home


To put together their bespoke suite at New York’s Rockaways’ buzzed-about Playland Motel, designer Shanan Campanaro of Eskayel and interior designer Michelle Zacks of S P A C E D O U T drew upon their travels to Tulum, Bali and Montauk—as well as their sunny San Diego upbringings. The result is a glorious, colorful and entirely vibrant aesthetic—and it’s one that is now available to recreate in your own space, with the Eskayel Playland Capsule Collection.

EskayelWallpaper-01.jpg EskayelWallpaper-02.jpg

Campanaro designed textiles for the suite in her signature style—intricately detailed but washed-out and whimsical. And, to pay homage to the special location, the designers named each of the three distinct patterns after tidbits of historical information about the Rockaways.


“Bungalow” is named for the decade-defining housing style of the 1920s; “Braganza” after the Portuguese family surname of Queen Catherine of England and Scotland—the original queen for whom the borough was named; and “L’eckwa,” which means “sand” in the Lenape language and was one of the original Native American words for the area. Each of the breezy, bright patterns is available as a fabric, wallpaper or cushion cover (with “Braganza” also available as a fabric basket) and are sure to inject a little summery blast into any home.


The Playland capsule collection is available at Eskayel’s webstore, where a yard of fabric starts at $139 (sample swatches are $7), a roll of wallpaper starts at $275 (samples are $4) and pillows start at $135.

Images courtesy of Playland Motel and Eskayel