Organize Your Office with Evernote’s Pfeiffer Collection

From software to hardware, the productivity assistant introduces an assortment of desk accessories


Since its inception in 2008, Evernote has become one of the most popular and highest rated digital organizing tools available. Designed to allow users to arrange notes (which could take the form of text, photograph, voice memo or hyperlink) in a way that best suits the individual user, the software suite’s flexibility has helped people become more personally responsible and productive. Now, in a new collaboration with renowned furniture-maker Eric Pfeiffer, Evernote is taking its organizing prowess from the digital to the physical—while retaining a focus on the office desktop—with the Evernote Pfeiffer Collection.


The collection features Pfeiffer’s distinct use of bent plywood in a set of desktop accessories, each with a multifunctional design traditional to Evernote’s adaptability. The slotted cup—for instance—gives a bit more purpose to the average pen-holder by adding space for a cellphone, thus eliminating the worry of missing an important call to a phone that has found its way under a pile of papers. The tablet dish, made of solid walnut and soft-touch plastic, cradles a tablet at an ideal level for usage while providing extra storage space for styluses and other items. Perhaps most versatile is the stackable cup, which offers three levels of storage in one column, neatly collecting scattered paperclips and other miscellany. Finally, the solid walnut “catch-all” does just that, offering a convenient tray to toss all of the random objects that mysteriously make their way onto your desk. Each piece is sleek and modern, adding a touch of class to the workspace.

Slotted cup ($20), stackable cups ($25), tablet dish ($50) and catch-all tray ($45) are available at the Evernote Market.

Images by Cool Hunting