Flos Soft Architecture

A new lighting system gorgeously integrating fixtures with interiors

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Lighting studio Flos recently unveiled Soft Architecture, their latest system that uses an innovative composite material to seamlessly integrate lighting fixtures with their surroundings. Enlisting an assortment of design luminaries to create the unified collection, the roster includes designers Ron Gilad, Philippe Starck, Sebastian Wrong, Marcel Wanders, Antonio Citterio and Fabio Calvi and Paolo Brambilla.

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The new products represent an evolution of the traditional lamp—they hide away behind and integrate into plasterboard false ceilings or insert into vertical walls for surreal and unexpected results. Styles and objects span domestic settings to public spaces, such as restaurants, spas, stores, meeting points, art galleries and offices.


Flos also launched a dedicated website, both a tool and a source of inspiration for learning all about the technical and architectural potential of this new collection. Constantly updated, the website replaces the traditional paper catalog exemplifying Flos’ eye on sustainability. Soft Architecture complies with the latest safety and eco-compatibility regulations, made with a non-inflammable material and certifiably built using cradle-to-cradle design.