Ipnos Outdoor Light by Rossi Bianchi Studio

Use the unconventional rectangular prism structure as a lamp or even a table

IPNOS-GuidoBianchi-NicolettaRossi-01.jpg IPNOS-GuidoBianchi-NicolettaRossi-02.jpg

Created by Milan-based design duo Guido Bianchi and Nicoletta Rossi for the well-respected and innovative lighting company FLOS, the Ipnos outdoor light is at once subtle and bold. The simple design—which is really an indoor/outdoor piece—essentially mimics a 3D sketch of a rectangular prism but really makes a statement.

Rossi and Bianchi—both former architects—created the light from thin, anodized aluminum poles (making it super-light and easy to move around the garden), the upper of which encase LED lights. The lamp glows mysteriously, since no bulbs are visible. Providing a more versatile option, Ipnos also comes with a transparent methacrylate piece that can be inserted to turn the light into a table that will make its adornments seem to hover above the soft light.

The fascinating design comes in anodized natural, black or copper finishes—and with a hefty price tag of $1,195; it’s available online from FLOS.

Images courtesy of Leo Torri