Fort Standard Jewelry

The Brooklyn-based makers add accessories to the mix

Fort-Standard-N4.jpg Fort-Standard-N1.jpg

Having built a repertoire of supremely simple, thoughtfully crafted contemporary furniture, lighting and home objects, Brooklyn-based design pair Gregory Buntain and Ian Collings of Fort Standard take their ethos in a new direction with a line of jewelry. “Jewelry allows us to explore the more sculptural side of design while simultaneously forcing us out of our comfort zone, which usually creates interesting results,” says Buntain.


The collection, which debuted this weekend in the American Design Club booth at this year’s Gift Fair in New York, comprises six brass bracelets and 10 necklaces combining richly hued braided rope with metallic accents. Focused on process and material, the designers were inspired by the manipulation of sprue wax to cast in brass that, says Buntain, “produced results which are a mixture of ridged structural elements and organic form.” Indeed, the metals almost seem soft, juxtaposing strong, cage-like brass shapes on the necklaces with the illusion of malleability.


The bracelets rely on similarly imperfect lines to convey a sense of playful, unfussy sophistication. The raw materials once again shine—fingerprints left during the manipulation process leave indelible reminders of the handmade care with which the molded, slightly golden-hued shapes were formed. With characteristic intention, Fort Standard juxtaposes the free-form silhouette of their jewelry pieces with impeccable attention to detail—necklace clasps, for example, were carved from a harder wax for a distinct design that’s nearly as noteworthy as the focal accents on the necklaces.

Fort-Standard-BO1.jpg Fort-Standard-BO2.jpg

Along with the necklaces and bangles, the duo has released a set of sharp brass bottle openers whose weight plays perfectly with smooth edges and geometric lines. The entire collection is now available to purchase by contacting Fort Standard directly. Visit the website for more details.