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A subscription flower delivery service now features our favorite weekly selections

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Somewhere on the upper floors of a midtown high rise, a florist is preparing amaryllis. As she hand-ties arrangements and packs them for delivery, a team of people type away on computers one room over. They’re contacting growers and customers, linking some of the freshest flowers in the world with enthusiastic subscribers. This is the scene at H.BLOOM, a flower delivery company that offers customers the capabilities of a large company while retaining the attention to detail of your neighborhood flower shop.


Unlike most flower services that feature a handful of bouquets available year-round, H.BLOOM’s ultra-seasonal selection changes each week with what’s fresh from around the world. With subscriptions starting at just $29 including free delivery, H.BLOOM remains accessible—they’re able to keep prices in check thanks to the subscription set-up, which allows them to know exactly how many flowers to order each week and eliminate costly waste.

Each week we’ll select our two favorite bouquets from H.BLOOM’s upcoming deliveries. Visit the Cool Hunting Bouquets at H.BLOOM to see this week’s selections.


It’s easy to get started, too. First you select a collection (Classic, Contemporary, Tall, Exotic or Arrange Your Own). You can note your preferences too—long or short stems, no greens, matching bouquet for the bathroom, etc. Next you select frequency of delivery (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) and delivery day. A few days before your delivery you’ll get a reminder to select one of two options. Your first bouquet comes in a vase, and each following delivery arrives in a special BLOOMbag. All you have to do is take off the plastic, refresh the leaves that line your vase, add water and your fresh bouquet is good to go. Plus, each week we will be selecting our two favorite bouquets.


This treat for you or great gift for a friend is currently only available in New York City, Washington DC, and Chicago, but single bouquets can be sent to anyone in the U.S. through H.BLOOM’s partner florists. They also offer custom, corporate, hospitality and retail programs.

Cool Hunting readers can enter the code CHBLOOM50 at checkout to receive 50 percent off of your first bouquet with a subscription.

Check out Cool Hunting Bouquets at H.BLOOM for all of the details.

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