Wall-Mounted Record Holder

Unlike most vinyl displays, this minimalist design is handmade from wood

Rockport, Maine-based furniture designer Jeremy Porter received a special request from a friend: a beautiful way to display a single record, as other options in the market were mostly plastic, steel and oftentimes ugly. Using his favored material, Porter developed a minimal design made from solid wood that lets the album artwork take the spotlight. “Now Playing” ($80) is made from American Walnut—sourced from Pennsylvania—and hand-finished in oil and wax. Best of all, it looks gorgeous even when there’s not even a record in it: a single, thin strip of wood that is slightly offset so it will work even on your non-flat walls.

If you’d have a hard time choosing just one album cover to display at a time, Porter is working on a design that will hold multiple records. In the meantime, we’d recommend the USA-made, angled Flipbin that combines storage and display.

Images courtesy of the designer