Hands on: My Beating Heart


My Beating Heart, the pillow with a beat, made it's way around various web sites last week when it was first announced. We got our hands on one to take a closer look…

The heart shaped pillow, invented by artist Yury Gitman, has a small motor in it that is programmed to give a life-like pulse when turned on. The pillow itself is about a foot wide and my particular sample was covered in synthetic lambskin with ultra-suede details. It's soft and comfy. Despite my skepticism, I found the heart beat to be quite soothing. It was more pronounced than that of any pet or person, but the effect was still quite good and the beat was surprisingly life-like. Their site talks about using the pillow for meditating, daydreaming or napping, but I'm finding myself using it at my desk to counter the caffeinated frenzy of my recent days.