Highlights from the 2020 Beijing Auto Show

Originally set for March, the Beijing Auto Show is on now and marks the first large-scale trade show for the industry since the onset of the pandemic. It makes sense that this be the first, given the industry’s reliance on Chinese buyers to rebound the global economy—and especially the car market. There were a handful of notable unveilings—Kiwigogo’s flying concept, Citroën’s smart tire prototype and the ultra-long-lasting Beijing Radiance EV, to name a few. Porsche allowed visitors into their booth but also offers online users the opportunity to maneuver their vehicle virtually. BMW revealed the first of 17 new models set to debut in China in the next 12 months. Huawei teased an intelligent cockpit that operates on an Android competitor. Read more at Bloomberg.

Image courtesy of Wang Zhao/AFP via Getty Images