Hour of Nine

Goddesses and monsters in a new line of letterpress cards

hournine1.jpg hournine2.jpg

While the enduring appeal of letterpress lends itself well to fussy scrolls and flourishes, the recent revival has led many designers to contrast the preciousness of the form with more contemporary images. Taking an elegantly adorable approach, Lehua Chong prints her new collection of letterpress cards called Hour of Nine on bamboo paper using an antique press in NYC. Chong, a Hawaii native, spent several years overseeing branding and media for the fashion and entertainment industry. With a keen eye for pattern, composition and colors, the collection’s graphics were “inspired by the eccentric people, places and happenstances that fill our lives with joy.”

hournine5.jpg hournine4.jpg

From a kaleidoscopic pattern of women with swirls of long hair to an opera-loving snaggletooth character that “enjoys a good tummy rub,” Chong’s subjects make the cards perfect for any occasion requiring a light-hearted message.

Hour of Nine cards sell online or from The Standard Hotel‘s NYC shop for $17 for a set of eight or $19 for a mixed set of nine cards.