Hubble’s Inexpensive Contact Lenses

A new company takes on the monopolized industry to provide big-time savings

Anyone who’s worn contact lenses knows: there isn’t much choice out therein terms of brands and, importantly, price. There’s finally some form of rebellion in the industry, thanks to NYC-based start-up Hubble, which is merging the ordering and delivery convenience of 1-800-CONTACTS at less than half the cost. They’re able to achieve it by partnering with a Taiwan-based FDA-approved contact lens manufacturer to produce their own private label lenses, and going direct-to-consumer la Casper and Warby Parker. Direct-to-consumer is no longer the revolutionary idea it once was, but we are pretty excited about a company that isn’t afraid to play ball against the big kids and is cutting exorbitant mark-ups of a very necessary itemone that many people can’t function without.

Launched today, Hubble is offering the first box free (with $3 shipping)and firm prices: set at $30 per month, or $264 a year. Currently, only daily disposable lenses are available.

Images courtesy of Hubble