Vintage-inspired lamps with an industrial feel


Anyone who has wrestled with the trauma of a tiny city apartment has had to endure small, dim lights or, at the very least, a lack of accessible outlets. Cooper Union graduate Dennis Murphy combined his love for interior design with what he calls his “industrial palate” of the past to solve such shortcomings in his Brooklyn flat. Designing his own light fixtures based on the architecture around him, Murphy made a living out of his hobby by founding Huckduck with his friend Christopher Garis in 2011.


Based in New York’s Lower East Side, the lighting and design company creates lamps with distinct character, each individually handmade with quality and craftsmanship in mind. The lamps’ eight-foot cords are made of vintage cotton and can include a Leviton in-line on/off switch anywhere in the cord upon request. Each cord can be customized in color and pattern ranging from subdued black or neutral hues to denim, green, houndstooth, or a red and white zig-zag pulley cord.


Huckduck lamps range from hanging single-bulb pendants like the Yellow Bridge and Red Egg Basket to tabletop models like the Renovator and Glass Hemingway lamps. Huckduck also offers four different filament-exposed bulbs to complete the vintage look at a reasonable $18. Whatever the combination, the lamps deliver an old-time feel with contemporary sleekness for indoor or outdoor spaces.


Lamps are available for sale on the Huckduck website, or visit Fab to get a lamp on sale until 4 August 2012.