Ian Callender’s “Uptown Underground” Art Installation in NYC’s Subway

A figurative 180 on glass-bottom boat tours, artist and designer Ian Callender’s installation “Uptown Underground” projects geographically correct moving images of New York buildings on the ceilings of NYC’s subway cars. The battery-powered artwork uses four projectors that are connected with “raspberry pi’s which communicate over a peer-to-peer WiFi network… They synchronize and accordingly offset as informed by geolocation and acceleration data from a cellphone application.” It’s been recently nominated for the Media Architecture Awards, with jury member Filippo Lodi saying, “The idea of screening the outside in an enclosed environment is not new. On renderings of the Hyperloop of four, almost five years ago you can see already a screened ceiling that shows images of the outside. But this guy actually realized it! This is what prototyping is all about: showing us that something is possible, even in a very low-tech way. The augmented interior is here, and you can experience it not in a restricted laboratory but while going home on a New York subway. It won’t take long before this becomes a trend.” Read more at designboom.

Image courtesy of Ian Callender