Innovative Design Shines in the Tour de France

Currently in stage 16, this year’s Tour de France is a brilliant display of endurance, skill and innovative design. Aero and climbing bikes are crucial for standard and uphill stages, whereas time trial bikes are used to shave off seconds and on downhill legs. For a race that is often decided by no more than 1/100 of a second during each stage, and less than two minutes overall, every moment matters. Whether it be design that tucks wires and cables inside the frame (or forgoes them entirely in favor of electrical systems) or frames that are slimmed down to afford more aerodynamic lines, researched design can allow for smoother transfer and power, reduced soreness, and faster times. Identical riders can cut almost four minutes off their time by choosing the right bike. Read more about the bicycles used in this year’s race (which ends 28 July) at Wired.