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Jeeves and Wooster Lampshades


Needless to say, brimmed hats are a popular accessory among the downtown set these days, so it's especially refreshing to see them used in a different way, like with these Jeeves and Wooster Lampshades.

Aptly named after the British comedy series Jeeves and Wooster, the pendant lights are made in the UK and both varieties feature a black wool felt exterior and fire-rated polycarbonate diffuser. The Jeeve's bowler hat is lined with a refined gold interior and the Wooster's top hat features a silver lining. Both can handle a 40 watt light bulb providing just enough light for almost any household setting.

Part of the Hidden Art Select range, Jeeves Wooster can be purchased for £415 from the Hidden Art Shop. You can also purchase them separately—Jeeves goes for £210 and Wooster for £225.

via Selectism


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