Pleasure to the People: Form 4

Jimmyjane's third in a collaborative series of high-design pleasure providers


A collaborative series with a magic touch, Pleasure to the People sees industrial designer Yves Behar team up with Jimmyjane founder Ethan Imboden on a collection of waterproof vibrators. Behar—whose designs “seek to put the human experience first”—and Imboden just launched the third and final toy in the group, Form 4, which combines a souped-up motor with a realistic, flexible shape designed for internal stimulation.

Like all the Pleasure to the People vibes, the Form 4 recharges on an included petite base—a feature that requires a little extra dedication over battery-powered vibrators, but that rewards the committed with significantly more powerful stimulation. With five levels of intensity and four vibration patterns, as well as being completely waterproof, the tiny device offers a lot of options for creative play.

While small (just 3.25″ x 2″), its specifically-contoured size can “reach the G-spot” and it’s made from a silicone that has just enough give to adapt to your body. With its highly-engineered materials, emphasis on function (it even lasts seven hours on a single charge) and adorably-shaped forms in contemporary colors, Pleasure to the People range are sex toys firmly for this generation.


Pick up the seductive Form 4 online from Jimmyjane for $145 in either pink or slate.