Original Penguin x K2 Snowboarding


Putting a retro spin on a new board, K2 teamed up with Original Penguin to create a classic look for their all terrain, high performance Slayblade snowboard.

Once gracing golf legends such as Bob Hope and Arnold Palmer, Penguin's high style is now infused into the freestyle board. The interlocking pattern adorning both sides of the Slayblade is a mix of Penguin's signature plaids and stripes woven together with a simulated stitching, giving a fabric aesthetic to the triax top and integrated carbon glass base.


While so far CH has only had the opportunity to see the board's integrated Harshmellow construction (pictured above), we're excited to put the vibration-dampening technology to the test this winter along with the rest of the gear included in the collaboration like the Auto bindings and Maysis boots.