Kamal Patel: Mini Wrapping Paper


by Stephanie Miles

Whether given as a gift or used to wrap them up, Kamal Patel's couture paper goods exist in a league of their own. To go along with her popular collections of letter-pressed cards and recycled coasters, Kamal recently debuted an all-new collection of custom-designed "mini wrap" gift wrapping, just in time for the busy holiday season.

Smaller than a standard roll of wrapping paper, Kamal's mini wraps measure just 16-23 inches and come in four unique colors and designs. Each wrap includes two sheets and two tissues. For baby showers, birthday presents, or just special gifts to celebrate the ones you love, they add an extra touch of whimsy and fun.


Born in London, raised in New Jersey, and currently residing in Richmond, Virginia, Kamal graduated from the Pratt Institute and worked as a graphic designer in New York before branching out and starting a company of her own. Although Kamal's paper goods now sell in 16 stores across the country, as well as online, she says she still creates each design herself and has them printed up in a nearby factory to assure quality and eco-friendliness.


Prices for Kamal paper goods range from $6.50 for mini wraps to $16 for an eight-pack of recycled chipboard coasters. Uniquely designed letterpress cards start at $4.50 (for individual cards) to $20 (for sets of six). The entire line sells online from the Kamal website or at select retailers across the country.