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La Selva

Carnovsky takes their colorful RGB wallpaper to London in a jungle-themed exhibition

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Lighting up Milan’s famed wallpaper studio Jannelli & Volpi last spring with their collection of mesmerizing
“RGB” wall coverings, Carnovsky will continue to entrance gallery-goers with a new jungle-inspired series at London’s Jaguar Shoes, dubbed “La Selva.”

Founded in ’97 by Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla, the Milan-based duo create surfaces that change and interact with different chromatic inputs to a stunning degree. Using a layering technique to create various colorful and slightly baroque effects, the jungle’s dense vegetation makes the perfect subject for Carnovsky to work with next.


The superimposition of three different images—each a single color—creates a visual chaos where tones, lines and shapes overlap in an ethereal display of emotion. When viewed through a colored lens or shown under a different shade of light the individual layers can be shown or hidden to reveal the elements of the composition.


Karnovsky uses wallpaper as a sort of contemporary mural, creating completely immersive environments that feel like a surreal dream. The general theme of the subjects is metamorphosis, to narrate a story of the things through the idea of their unceasing mutation and transformation.


“La Selva” will be on view from 28 July through 21 September 2011 at Jaguar Shoes in Shoreditch.


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