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Light Cognitive’s Oculus Artificial Skylight Mimics The Real Thing

Designed by Light Cognitive for a retail client in Barcelona, the Oculus artificial skylight reproduces the colors, contrast and clarity of the skies above—even though it doesn’t offer a true view of the outside. Throughout the course of a 24-hour cycle, Oculus conveys the rich warm hues of a sunrise, clear blue sky by midday and the dimming of the evening sun. Not only does Oculus offer customers sunlight, but it also emits stimulating light meant to impact mood. “Based on feedback, we also believe that Oculus’ visual appearance clearly has a psychological impact on people—especially in windowless spaces—as it provides a similar look and feel to a skylight,” founder Sami Salomaa tells Dezeen. Read more there.

Image courtesy of Light Cognitive 

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