Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Nose navigation for iPhones, urban futures, pretzel keyrings and more in our weekly web survey


1. Finger Nose Stylus

For those of you who always wanted a convenient way to navigate touch-screens without dorky traditional styluses, Dominic Wilcox crafted a solution. His stylus conveniently straps to your face, allowing for complete hands-free navigation.

2. Land Rover U.K.

Land Rover’s recent print ad for their iconic Defender cleverly captures the vehicle’s singular ability to take you places beyond the local Whole Foods.

3. Pretzel Keyring

Designed by Ototo, this functional key-holder has a carabiner-style clip for that “lesbian who loves pretzels” look. It’s $15 from Animi Causa.

4. Looking at Music 3.0

The third in a series exploring music’s influence on art, MoMA takes up the the ’80s and ’90s with over 70 works by artists including Kathleen Hanna, Keith Haring, Run DMC, Christian Marclay and Cey Adams (graphic designer for the Beastie Boys, among other hip hop luminaries).


5. Navy Seal Dogs

The media has been buzzing about the K-9 compatriots who helped in the killing of Osama Bin Laden, and the more we learn the tougher these pups looks. According to The Daily the Navy Seal dogs are equipped with head top cameras to send feedback to Seals on the ground, earpieces to receive orders wirelessly, body armor and titanium cover teeth to provide extra damage.

6. NYC’s Future Nissan Taxi

The conclusion of the heated competition to win the bid for the design of NYC’s future taxi fleet has come to a close. After beating out the Turkish firm Karsan and several others, Nissan takes home the golden egg with their winning design for the taxi of tomorrow.

7. Part 3: Audi Urban Future

Incorporated into a stunning 3D map of the city, the five architecture firms behind “Audi Urban Future: Project New York” beautifully reinterpreted the winning concepts originally selected for an Audi Urban Future Award at the 2010 Venice Biennale. The map is part of the New Museum’s “Festival of Ideas for the New City,” an effort that aims to generate urban innovation by tapping the city’s many creative minds.

8. Replenish Reusable Bottle

The Replenish Reusable Bottle takes a crack at wasteful cleaning habits. Instead of refilling with huge jugs of Windex or, even worse, throwing the empties away when finished, Replenish uses an attachable cartridge to refuel their spray bottle. Just add water, insert the canister, clean and reuse.