Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Nap in public, Google's digital wallet, branded comedy and more in this week's look at the web

1. Stillspotting NYC

In an attempt to introduce a little calm into the urban landscape, the Guggenheim is tasking architects, designers, artists, etc. with creating “
” in the five boroughs of NYC. The first such happening “Sanatorium” consists of Mexican artist Pedro Reyes’ experimental (and experiential) therapy sessions this coming June.

2. DumbDumb

Paper mag recently profiled the agency started by former Arrested Development costars Will Arnett and Jason Bateman in 2010. The cleverly uncomplicated design of the operation delivers comedic branded content as a digital-age answer to the traditional advertising model.

3. Mountain Men Figures

Mountain Research’s limited-edition Mountain Men Figures, a collection of detailed figurines representing four global revolutionaries, will blow your friends’ Star Wars collection out of the water with little versions of Marx, Mao, Lenin and Thoreau—all dressed to the nines in rugged hiking gear.

4. Rapha Espresso Tamper

Bike guru Chris King custom-crafted this professional-grade espresso tamper for Rapha, the perfect accessory to prep for those early morning rides. The Rapha edition is limited to just 50 and available only from their roving Cycle Club truck in Europe or the San Francisco and Tokyo outposts, but java-heads will find plenty to roll with from King’s classic collection of tampers.

5. Google Wallet

Google launched Google Wallet this week, a near-field-communication-based payment system similar to those used in “tap pay” credit and debit cards. The system will let users swipe mobile phones to make payments at a variety of vendors.

6. Adidas Hell’s Kitchen

Like an extended pop-up shop, Adidas recently opened a multi-brand store in NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen with plans to stay for one year. Lit with bright neon lights, the store will house items from SLVR and Y-3, as well as the adidas Originals Blue and Consortium collections.

7. Ostrich

The Ostrich system is designed to enhance the workplace/rest relationship. The sack-like contraption offers a plush “micro-environment”, so you can stuff your face and arms inside and curl up for an isolated power nap anywhere

8. Arquitectura at UovoKids

Held at Milan’s science and technology museum, Apartamento Magazine’s Arquitectura event for the UovoKids celebration allowed children to act as an architect for the day, building a kid-size village from cardboard.