Link About It: This Week’s Picks

David Byrne's Tight Spot, Tokyo subway posters, Land Rover's new concept car and more in this week's look at the web


1. NYC Bike-Share

Portland, OR-based Alta Bicycle Share was recently chosen by the Bloomberg administration to populate the streets of America’s largest metropolis with public bicycle rental stations by summer 2012.

2. A Family Tree For Video Game Controllers

The “definite history of the video game controller,” Pop Chart Lab‘s all-encompassing infographic plots the controller’s design evolution from classic joysticks to the modern racing wheel.

3. Multi-Touch Finger Paintings

Artist Evan Roth created a series of paintings using the medium to abstractly echo routine tasks performed on multi-touch hand-held computing devices.

4. Tight Spot

Following the success of his Playing The Building piano installation a few years ago, David Byrne returns with Tight Spot, a giant inflatable globe under NYC’s High Line that will allow passersby to hear David Byrne’s voice as they walk on by.


5. Tokyo Subway Manner Posters, 1976-1982

Retronaut showcases an awesome assortment of subway posters, culled from the stations of Tokyo. Superman reminds you not to chew gum and a sexual sami-ashi tells you to wait behind the white line.

6. Radioactive Orchestra

Science and making music become one with this nuclear physics synthesizer. By selecting any combination of known Isotopes in the Chart of Nuclides the user is free to make beats and melodies of varying pace, pitch and style.

7. Sealander Amphibious Camping Trailer

Half boat and wholly camper, the Sealander is capable of gracefully navigating calm seas with a small electric outboard motor. Although admittedly resembling a floating toaster, the modular design allows the interior to be configured for numerous activities including sleeping and fishing.

8. Made in America

Fast Company guest curates a “Made in America” sale for Fab, spanning Heman Miller chairs to Teroforma whiskey stones.


9. Norma Kamali 3D

Innovation and invention have been central to Norma Kamali’s design and shopping experience since her innovative “Try Before You Buy Service” influenced the way people shop online fifteen years ago. Now in 2011 she does it again with the launch of her new 3D website site to showcase her Spring 2012 Collection in 3D.

10. Music Video Genome

The Pandora of music videos, this new site catering to all styles of music videos is like a personalized MTV.

11. Land Rover DC100 Sport Concept

Land Rover recently revealed their DC100 Sport Concept car at the Frankfurt auto show, which which brightly combines the brand’s renowned qualities in a car that ways half a ton less than their classic SUV.

12. Nicola’s

Nicola Formichetti’s first in a series of five installations, Nicola’s celebrating the fashion transforms his new temporary shop in NYC into a a dazzling mirrored prism.