Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Jobs' 317 patents, a toilet motorcycle, Portland pet-sitters and more in our look at the web this week


1. Macbook Memorial

A lot of love has been shown for the Apple CEO, but MintDigital’s portrait of Steve Jobs made from the parts of a Macbook Pro really stands out for its clever concept and beautiful execution.

2. Siri and the 4s

If you’re still upset over the absence of an iPhone 5, dry your eyes and get behind Siri, Apple’s new speech-based mobile assistant. Building off of the concept of a Knowledge Navigator that Apple introduced back in 1987, the integrated app is definitely the innovation we’re most excited about in the new model.

3. Steve Jobs Patents

If you can measure a man by his patents, the NY Times has a nice interactive piece covering many of the 317 held by the late Steve Jobs. They range from iPod design to Apple store layouts, offering an interesting glimpse inside the mind of highly touted tech genius.

4. DFA Snap Case

Deck out your pre-ordered iPhone 4S with DFA and Incase’s new hardshell case, which celebrates the record label’s 10th anniversary. Complete with Snapcase’s classic design and DFA’s logo, it’s available for $40 from Incase or the DFA store.


5. Elizabeth Taylor’s Legacy

Christie’s sends Elizabeth Taylor’s storied collection of clothing and jewels on a world tour before returning to New York for a blockbuster auction December 13-16. Having touched down in Moscow and London, the roving exhibition continues on to L.A., Dubai, Geneva, Paris and Hong Kong before the sales commence. Highlights include couture from Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, Dior, Chanel and more, as well as famous baubles like the 33.19-carat Elizabeth Taylor Diamond, for one.

6. Stayhound

Calling themselves the Air BNB for pets, Stayhound is a service that helps you find local caregivers for your furry friend. Currently in Beta and only available in Portland, thanks to @workforfood for his find.

7. Toilet Bike

Only in Japan could you find a gem like this. The three-wheeled Toilet Bike Neo is powered by “100% biogas”, which we can only imagine to mean just what you’re thinking. This weekend will start its trek across Japan from Kyushu to Tokyo.

8. Farther

Centered around one of the gnarliest big-mountain snowboarders, Jeremy Jones, the film documents his trek to ride the most breathtaking lines in the world’s most unreachable peaks. Telling the unbelievable story in gorgeous HD cinematography, with what one can imagine was a quarter of the Art of Flight budget, Farther will not disappoint.


9. Polar Ice Cubes

Whimsical ice molds from Japanese store Monos replace the classic cube with polar bears and penguins perched atop floating icebergs, like tiny, ephemeral Natural History Museum dioramas for your water glass.

10. Forest Of Gingko

Crafted from the skins of fallen animals, the debut collection from new Italian label Forest Of Gingko (F.O.G.) features double-stitched soles and meticulous hand-finishes. The 92% biodegradable shoes are tanned with Guide & Rosselini’s vegetable leather tanner.

11. Hipster Ipsum

A witty “artisanal filler text” generator, this lorem ipsum program spits out hilarious nonsensical text mocking hipster stereotypes. You can use it as placeholder copy in your next wireframe or have it write your latest blog entry.

12. Rachel Comey Fax

Redesigned last month with a livestream background, Rachel Comey‘s website keeps reason to stay tuned with its latest concept, an invitation to fax the studio. Continuously updated, you can get your 15 minutes of internet fame by sending a clever fax to the number posted on the site may may get shown at the top of the building heap.