Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Thom Browne's triumphant FW12 collection, a film made by a sleepwalker, exploding food and more in our look at the web this week


1. Fifty Dollar Follow Focus

This Kickstarter promises to do a solid for independent filmmakers everywhere. Anyone shooting on a DSLR system knows the importance of a follow focus system, and is aware of the dent it can make in your pocket. This simple, straightforward piece of mechanics promises to offer a consistent way to pull focus for only $50—a pretty big deal for the future of filmmaking.

2. Thom Browne F/W 2012

Innovative menswear designer Thom Browne is known for reinventing the suit—most notably with a cropped pant—but his recent Fall/Winter 2012 collection takes it to the next level. Football shoulder pads, rugby-striped sweater dresses, Uncle Fester makeup and Hellraiser-esque headwear mark his resounding departure from business casual.

3. MoMA-Inspired Bow Ties

Nicholas Ruiz began making himself bow ties to wear to exhibition openings for his job in special events at the MoMA, inspired by the artists on display. After his initial run of 11 bespoke creations, Ruiz realized he had a potential business on his hands and, in a nod to his Queens neighborhood, named it Made in Forest Hills. The mix spans a guitar pic tie inspired by Picasso and a style made from wine corks gathered from the restaurants of his favorite chef Jose Garces.

4. Origami Masks

Folded from just a single sheet of paper, the amazing origami masks by paper artist Joel Cooper mark the marriage of his creative vision and a mastery of his craft.


5. Exploding Food

Playing with his meals seems to have informed
Alan Sailer’s most recent photographic series of exploding food. To produce the
highly saturated explosions, Sailer worked off of a custom-built,
micro-second guided flash and shot improvised ammunition at his subjects through
copper and PVC “cannons”.

6. 20 Things in 2011

Syzygy Group has presented their annual
illustration of 20 events from the Internet this year, with friendly
competition open to see if you can name all 20 based on the
visual clues. Winners will receive a limited-edition 20things print of the illustration along with the
right to lord Internet supremacy over friends and colleagues.

7. Yosemite HD

An uplifting record of North America’s most
impressive park, this time-lapse video from Sheldon Neill and Colin Delehanty shows the life of Yosemite over a few weeks. With brilliant shots of swarming stars and the rising sun to entertain the masses, filmmakers will appreciate the pair’s deft use of a controlled dolly setup.

8. 3D Printed Record

Remember the old plastic Fisher Price record players that would trickle
out your favorite childhood tunes? Well some ingenious individual used a 3D
printer to create a plastic record playable on the classic turn table. Not to let the nerd factor fizzle out there, the record plays “Still Alive”, a track from the popular video game Portal.


9. Givenchy Couture

Riccardo Tisci draws inspiration from the 1920s in his masterful 10-piece couture collection for Givenchy, and the Gatsby-era glamor shines with modern precision. The designer flexes his unparalleled talent in numbers like the gown made from crocodile scales that were individually cut, then numbered, bleached, dyed and re-sewed onto the garment in a process that took the sewing team 350 hours to complete.

10. SX-70 Camera Kit

Holden and The Impossible Project have
combined efforts to bring back analog photography in this camera kit featuring a vintage
polaroid SX-70, instant film in a custom wood box and a Tanner Goods
leather camera case. Ten established photographers have also been tasked with the mission to capture Holden’s lifestyle through instant photography.

11. Love Is Lame

Starting 28th January and running until Valentine’s Day, the
stuffed work of Chad Silver will be on display at
JS55 gallery in NYC. The cute and edgy “Shit Bitch” stuffed animals will surely charm—so swing by and give them a squeeze.

12. Sleepwalk With Me

If you aren’t familiar with the hilarious and enchanting comedian Mike
Birbiglia, now is the time to get to know him. Entertaining during the day, at night Birbiglia suffers from an intense form of sleepwalking, during which he acts out his dreams, sometimes to dire ends. In partnership with This American Life, Birbiglia produced a film based on some of these experiences, and now you can petition to have it come to a theater near you.