Lovely Address File

As the modern world speeds toward complete digital integration, we're silently mourning the fact that some of life's simplest pleasures are thrown out the window in the name of progress. Just last week, our copy of The Sunday Times was pointed out as "analog chic," and even the post lady scoffed at my request to buy stamps for my paper correspondences. If you're as disconcerted as we are, Lovely's Address File may serve as a proper throwback to all this binary bedlam. Whether you're running Outlook or Address Book, this limited-edition delectable serves as a simple and stunning way to backup all your contacts. Its maple base houses 260 cards of found paper in various colors and patterns. Each file set measures 7" by 5" and is numbered as part of a short run of 1000. They retail for $75 at Lovely Design, home to numerous other analog delights.