Lovestar Queen of Hearts Vases

A super-sweet way to show off a bouquet, lovingly handcrafted in Brisbane, Australia


Given its name, it should be rather obvious that the designers at Lovestar seriously love love. But if the name alone isn’t convincing, then Lovestar’s Queen of Hearts vases should do the trick. Made by husband-and-wife duo Helen and Chris Bayley, the heart-shaped collection is handcrafted out of NYC-made neon acrylic that was specially developed for Lovestar products; each vase is given exceptional attention, taking about three days to make from start to finish.

The Queen of Hearts come in a variety of colors—from a subtle blush to a luminous deep blue—that mix and match perfectly for an infatuating display. And though it could be too late to order for Valentine’s Day, it’s definitely worth checking out Lovestar’s Candy Hearts collection—which brilliantly co-opt the famous holiday treat for a perfect way to display a bouquet from your special someone. It’s also worth mentioning that love certainly shouldn’t be a one-day-a-year event.

Queen of Hearts vases ($69) are all limited run and available at Lovestar’s online store.

Images courtesy of Lovestar