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Magic-Flight Launch Box

A durable, portable vaporizer that sets the industry standard for design and performance


While we don’t condone inhaling chemical-filled, cancer-inducing tobacco products, the pleasure of smoking is undeniable. Most of us can’t justify the price tag of a table-top vaporizer and other smokeless alternatives for roasting organic matter tend to be full of hot air. We were recently turned on to the the Launch Box, a portable miniature vaporizer from San Diego-based Magic-Flight and, having tested out a couple vapes over the last few weeks, found this handy device is a real standout.


With a design focused on performance, efficiency and user experience the box is handsome to look at and delightful to use. About the size of two nine-volt batteries, the compact device fits nicely in the hand and stows easily in your pocket or bag. The maple hardwood body gives it a warm, welcoming feel while the stainless steel, plexiglass and glass components keep it extremely sturdy—this is a great example of simplicity as the result of considerate design and thorough testing.


Each handcrafted Launch Box takes a week to produce. Unlike many portable vaporizers which use butane for heat, the Launch Box is driven by a high-energy AA battery. That battery powers a conduction system, a method generally considered less efficient than more common convection heating. However, by utilizing specialized design elements such as regulated vapor production, reduced vapor condensation and infra-red characteristics the team at Magic-Flight was able to produce a highly functional conduction vaporizer.


There is a slight learning curve with the Launch Box and we recommend reading the instructions thoroughly before using the product. The box comes as a kit and includes two rechargeable batteries with a charger, screen brush, glass tube for drawing the vapor and a lifetime functional warranty. As a small company Magic-Flight has a definite focus on customer service and community. Their site provides a wealth of useful information with helpful FAQs about design, use and care.

The Launch Box is available for $119 from the Magic-Flight online store.


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