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Marian Bantjes


The Canadian graphic designer Marian Bantjes is the creator of some of the most startlingly beautiful images that I have seen recently. At first glance I was enchanted by her decorative graphic style which is at once antique and modern. She appears to draw on influences from the organic forms of William Morris to the swirls of medieval manuscripts. Her hand, however, tempers what could be flamboyant or fussy with clean lines and simple colors to create contemporary graphics. Bantjes was trained in typesetting and layouts, but it is clear from her recent work that she is moving toward a freer style that blurs the boundaries between graphic design, illustration and art. I was particularly moved by her ballpoint pen drawing entitled ‘you me no.3’ (pictured above) and the photograph of ‘I want it all’ spelled out in wilting peonies (pictured after the jump). Poetic and striking.

via Design Boom



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