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MOO + Baron Von Fancy Business Cards

Make a colorful, playful first impression with the beloved artist’s designs

Printing and office stationery company MOO understands the importance of a good first impression; they make business cards, postcards, flyers and more for companies who want to grab attention. It makes perfect sense then, that they’ve joined forces with much-loved artist and designer Baron von Fancy (aka Gordon Stevenson) for a new set of limited edition business cards. Made in a limited edition of 5,000, these business cards are super-bright, bold and much more daring than traditional versions.

Emblazoned with slogans like “It Feels Like a Good Idea,” “I Just Put You at The Top of My To-Do List” and “I Can’t Make Any Promises,” the cards are equal parts playful and audacious. Stevenson tells us, “I’m looking for smiles. I want these catchphrases to enhance the dynamic of exchanging business cards, whether it’s sparking a different kind of conversation or adding depth to an existing one.” While the designs and phrases are anything but traditional, Stevenson wants people of all professions to use them—not just freelance creatives. “Whether your business is wrenches or insurance, having to make the perfect business card can add a lot pressure when you’re just starting out,” he says. “Everyone wants to create a great first impression. I think these cards help to flex a little humor. I’d be much more likely to work with someone who is able to make light of this first step.”

Available in two different sizes, Standard (3.5 x 2.0 inches) or MOO-size (3.3 x 2.16 inches), the cards are for sale online in sets of 50 for $20.

Images courtesy of MOO


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