Muungano Baufrica Collection

Swedish design studio Muungano unveils their latest collection of African-inspired furniture


Fusing African inspirations with the structure and traditions of Bauhaus, the latest collection from young Swedish design studio Muungano is a vibrant collection of furniture dubbed Baufrica. Founded by designer Peter Thuvander and architect Marting Hedenström, Muungano’s foundation rests on the coalescence of ideas.

muungano-3.jpg muungano-4.jpg

Interestingly, the lamps from the collection draw on a TED Talk by mathematician Ron Eglash, in which he examined the amount African villages structured according to the fractal number series. Taking a pattern from the Sierpinski Triangle, Muungano developed the lamp to tone down the white light given off by energy-saving bulbs, making it warmer and gentler. The geometric pattern is subdued from afar, but once up close the unique pattern emerges, giving the piece even more intrigue.


Lacquered steel tubing and a waxed wooden base give the modular seating system a depth of usability while extra components like lamps or tables can be added or subtracted to keep a nice fluid narrative through a space. Although softened by a neutral gray upholstery, the pops of punchy color give the pieces their African context—bold and elementary with simple proportions between base and accent color for an overall striking yet pleasantly reserved collection.