Lars Amhoff: Neo Gramophone


We were able to chat with Lars Amhoff of the German-based Kinkyform, which has been collaborating with artists to produce furniture and objects that meld art with a functional purpose or "Usable Art."

In Amhoff's latest creation, the Neo Gramophone, he updates a familiar form with iTunes digital streaming and a high-end subwoofer and speakers. Unlike the original gramophones comprised of a player and a separate speaker horn, the sculpture grows out of the base like a polygonal shaped plant. The singular organic form feels futuristic and hides touch-sensitive player controls which appear on contact. Audio experts were brought in to ensure a clean and perfect sound. Overall, Amhoff has created something beautiful, useful, and desirable.

Kinkyform is currently searching for a company to bring the product to market and balance the quality of the materials and audio components with a non-luxury price point.

View more photos of the Neo Gramophone here.