Numbers in Graphic Design

Roger Fawcett-Tang's numerical sourcebook


A British graphic designer and founder of Struktur Design, Roger Fawcett-Tang brings us “Numbers in Graphic Design,” a new sourcebook for dealing with information-heavy design. The practical guide surveys one of the more fascinating players in graphic design, and one that isn’t limited by linguistic or cultural boundaries. Essentially, the book is about putting an end to the corporate pie chart and exposing methods of dealing with numerical displays in a way that is beautiful and digestible.

“0123456789—these ten digits have a universal appeal among designers; they are multilingual, universally understood, varied in form, highly adaptable and yet still instantly recognizable since each of the ten characters has its own strong and unique identity,” summarizes Fawcett-Tang, setting the tone for a far-reaching overview of the use of numbers in graphic design. In the book, featured examples and problems are worked through with the help of contemporary designers who have lent exemplary solutions. Annual reports, demographics, timelines—there is a model for every situation and statistical dilemma.


While clearly intended for working designers, there is plenty to entertain the eye of more casual practitioners. For our part, we’re guilty of breezing past the nitty gritty to chapters on “Abstractions” and “Expression,” where numbers are treated more as art objects than information carriers.

“Numbers in Graphic Design” is available from Laurence King and on Amazon.