Oliveira Lar


Oliveira Lar is São Paulo–based designer Marcelo Sommer's cheeky line of housewares turning kitsch into a fashion statement. The motifs on the mugs, ashtrays, salad bowls, pillows and plates ring of holidays spent in the countryside hunting deer and frolicking in the countryside—an old but familiar pastime shared between many cultures and still synonymous with a time when leisure was no–fuss and came easy. The collection's anchoring piece is a deer head available in plaster, acrylic or wood. In fact, in true homage to the period from which it was inspired, you probably wouldn't be able to tell apart an Oliveira from its contemporaries if one of its pieces was placed among the shelves in an American mid–West Salvation Army store. This, definitely, is the charming quality of the line.


Oliveira is the second label to emerge from the famous designer, known for his creative output in his previous eponymous line (now sold to a different company). (The other is Do Estilista, which debuted to wide acclaim at São Paul Fashion Week earlier this year.) The collection ranges from $25 for the mugs to $90 for the pillows, and is available at Garimpo + Fuxique, his shop inside Bar Treze and Surface to Air, both in São Paulo.

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