Pillow Speakers


Surprisingly useful, these pillow speakers have the potential to transform sleeping experiences. Rather than getting up to adjust the volume or sleeping supine to accommodate headphones, with these two different systems listening is comfortable and changing volume is easy. Most importantly, sleeping partners will be undisturbed by your canned lullabies.

From earplug specialists Sensorcom, the first of the models involves wrapping a belt-like band that contains two stereo speakers around any pillow. A low profile makes it hard to notice when sleeping and the standard 3.5mm jack makes it compatible with most music sources. Purchase it for $70 from the Earplug Store.


If you prefer having the speakers integrated into the pillow, the Sound Oasis Pillow does just that. Two hi-fi speakers placed deep within the hypo-allergenic foam exert fair quality sound without compromising comfort. While the sound won't impress audiophiles, the pillow does the job for most music as well as for white noise sleeping aids. The speakers are removable for washing and again a 3.5mm standard jack enables a connection to a wide variety of players. It's $60 from the Earplug Store.