Rebecca Atwood’s Tidal Textiles

The Brooklyn fabric designer keeps her Cape Cod coastline past close to heart


They say that the sound of waves along the shoreline is soothing because it transports the mind back to the womb. Rebecca Atwood brings this meditative quality to the home with her newest fabric collection, launching today, 21 January 2015. Though now based in Brooklyn, Atwood clearly keeps her New England coastline past close to heart; inspired by a childhood spent on the beaches of Cape Cod, Atwood transfers her memories of deep sea blues, foamy swirls and lush sands onto fabrics that easily mix and match despite distinct patterning. It’s easy to imagine Atwood sitting by the shore sketching the view, as all of the designs began as original pieces in her notebook.


Atwood remains conscious of preserving the environment that inspires her, exploring sustainable techniques and manufacturing methods for all of her textiles. Though she focuses on printing, painting and dying by hand, Atwood looked to a digital printer for her latest line in order to replicate her fabrics on a larger scale. Based in neighboring Pennsylvania, the printer uses water-based, ultra-low impact pigment inks and a finishing process done with heat and pressure that requires no harsh chemicals. The collection is printed on 100% Belgian linen, so Atwood’s textiles promise to put both body and mind at ease.

The January 2015 Fabric Collection ($158 per yard) is available from Rebecca Atwood online and at select retailers.

Images courtesy of Rebecca Atwood