Redshift Sports’ Switch Aero System

Switch the geometry of a traditional road bike into an aerodynamic triathlon speed machine in mere minutes


Ever considered getting into triathlons only to be deterred by the thought of adding a new bike to your quiver? The new Switch Aero System from Redshift Sports allows riders to transform any traditional road bike into an aerodynamic, tri-ready speed machine with just a few clicks—even during a ride—without fumbling for tools.


“All of the other products on the market for modifying traditional geometry to aero meant we had to abandon our original road setup,” says co-founder Erik de Brun. “We wanted something we could switch back and forth easily.” This innovative design means riders can easily switch between sports without committing to a new bike. The design of the system is simple, yet expertly executed.


The Switch Aero System utilizes just two pieces to completely alter a bike’s geometry; aero bars attach to the original handlebars using a quick-release clamp similar those found on many bicycle hubs. Redshift’s aero bars are the first of its kind in the industry, featuring patent-pending, entirely adjustable arm-pads and bars. Meanwhile, the dual-position seat-post moves the saddle slightly up and forward into an aero position to allow for optimal triathlon riding conditions—with a fuller leg extension and wider hip opening. When you’re ready for a group ride, just pop off the aero bars and click the seat-post back for traditional road riding.

Check out the Switch Aero System’s Kickstarter to get the first run of the design, priced at $225. Since Redshift met their goal so quickly, they’ve upped their fundraising goal to create a carbon fiber edition of the system, for an even lighter ride.

Images courtesy of Redshift Sports