Rolls-Royce Puts a Gallery Inside the New Phantom VIII

Bringing personalization to the dashboard with unlimited options

Rolls-Royce has just unveiled the eighth incarnation of their flagship Phantom, a model that dates back to its debut in 1925. As expected, the Phantom VIII is a massive, luxurious statement of a vehicle with design and technology evolutions inside and out. A casual observer can see that its proportions are refined and its presence even more significant, but the fortunate few who get inside one will be treated to a combination of effortless interactions and curious personalization. From the self-closing doors to “magic carpet ride” handling to a claim of being the most silent car in the world, a ride in the Phantom VIII promises to be the epitome of luxury. But the one feature that we’re most excited about is The Gallery—a wholly new concept for interior personalization.

The Gallery occupies the full width of the Phantom VIII’s dashboard. Behind a single piece of glass is a hermetically sealed space that can be personalized to the owner’s specification. Only interrupted by the driver’s instruments, The Gallery emerges from behind the chrome dials, spans behind the retractable MMI display and bends forward to present itself more prominently to the passenger. This surface can be covered with virtually anything, 2D or 3D. To express the potential, Rolls-Royce commissioned several artists to create installations for this space including porcelain roses, a gold matrix, an oil painting and even iridescent feathers.

Radiating outward from the (optional) analog clock, black iridescent feathers are mounted on a 3D printed surface that emulates the shape of a wing. Iridescent Opulence by Nature Squared.

This piece algorithmically translates the owner’s DNA to an undulating, pixelated grid that’s rendered in stainless steel, then plated in 24k gold. Digital Soul by Thorsten Franck.

A nod to the Phantom’s British heritage, these porcelain English roses were created based off an actual rose that was bred for the project. Immortal Beauty by Nymphenburg.

Channeling Deco energy this installation features silver wands capped in amethyst emanating from a central diamond, set on a luminescent purple background. Astrum by Richard Fox.

At this point we’ve only had a glance at this impressive new vehicle and the creative expressions demonstrating the potential of its Gallery, but we’re looking forward to digging in further and will share those details as the come.

Images courtesy of Rolls-Royce